Easy and effective home office organization tips

It has been said that a cluttered desk is a cluttered mind, and this rings true for many. Often, less clutter can lead to increased productivity. It’s also helpful to incorporate functional and decorative pieces that inspire you. In other words, there are simple things you can do to make your office a stress-free haven where you can ideate and create. Follow these simple yet effective (and dare we say stylish) home office organization ideas, and you’ll be well on your way to a clutter-free space – both physically and mentally.

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“Organization is of the utmost importance for a home office. A workspace that is both thoughtfully designed and well-organized has the power to refresh your mind and enhance your productivity.”
– Rebecca, Design Expert, DWR Houston Store

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How to choose an office cabinet

Home office filing cabinets will help you maintain organization. From credenzas to media cabinets, and modular storage units to file pedestals, there’s a plethora of cabinets that transcend the ubiquitous steel-frame design. Though it’s pragmatic in nature, a filing cabinet can be a compelling design element that coincides with your office’s interiors.

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10 tips for organizing office and work supplies

There’s a veritable abundance of office organization accessories that will help you declutter your space and establish a productive workflow. Keep these home office organization tips and storage solutions in mind.

  • Establish a home filing system to keep important documents well organized. Start by creating main file categories (e.g., financial records, medical records, etc.), then subdivide within those folders (e.g., organize medical records by family member).
  • Utilize a desk folder organizer to create an inbox and outbox for your projects and mail.
  • Opt for wireless equipment whenever possible to avoid the clutter of cables and wires.
  • Use trays and drawer dividers for office necessities such as pens, letter openers, and stamps.
  • Hide your printer and printing supplies in a media cabinet or credenza. This will help minimize the appearance of clutter.
  • Add a foot pillow beneath your desk for extra comfort.

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