Doron Lachisch

ISRAEL (1948)
Born in Tel Aviv in 1948, Doron Lachisch was virtually steeped in plastics, having grown up in a family-run business that was just beginning to take advantage of mid-20th-century advances in flexible polymers. All aspects of plastics technologies – products, machinery, materials, molds and so on – became familiar sights and smells to Lachisch and were the foundation for his profound understanding of the material. After graduating from Hebrew University of Jerusalem with a degree in economics, Lachisch became designer and general manager of his own plastics business. By creating unique commercial products based on original molds and proprietary production techniques, he has since furthered the acceptance of plastic polymers as a legitimate material for indoor designs. Most recently, his Cubitec® modular shelving system was awarded first prize for Contemporary Design at the Israel Furniture Trade Show and can be found at Barcelona International Airport as well as in distinguished design showrooms, galleries, store displays, offices, trade show displays and homes around the world.