Chid Liberty and Georgie Badiel hosting dinner at Gather Table with Wishbone Chairs

Cheers to being with friends

Chid Liberty and Georgie Badiel Liberty are one of those celestial couples who radiate energy, warmth, and charm, making others gravitate to their orbit. Chid (far right) is a Liberian-American social entrepreneur and CEO of Made in Africa as well as Liberty & Justice. Georgie (to his left) is a successful model and aspiring chef. Georgie grew up in the Ivory Coast and rural Burkina Faso, walking three hours every day just to get water. She started a foundation to build wells and bring clean water to her native country. They divide their time between Brooklyn and a 200-acre biodynamic farm and retreat center called The Dutchess that encompasses an inn, a 1700s stone house, and several antique barns, including the “yoga barn,” where they hosted this dinner.

Chid and Georgie (above, far right) gathered with longtime friends (from left), Noté, a Liberian artist; Peter Jallah, who introduced Chid and Georgie; Ross Williams, a political fundraiser; and Amye Sinclair, CEO of Sinclair Social and VP of the National Women’s Sailing Association.

I use my grandmother’s and mother’s recipes to keep the West African food authentic. My mission as a chef is to make my culture and the deliciousness of African food better known by the world. — Georgie Badiel Liberty


Monrovia Breeze Cocktails* · Summer Salad with Baobob Vinaigrette
Okra Palm Butter Stew with Beef & Fufu (mashed cassava and plantains) · Liberian Jollof Rice
Maffe Stew with Seafood · Chicken Yassa* (onion stew cooked in Dijon mustard)
Ivorian Attiéké (a couscous-like dish made with cassava)
Fried Plantains · Buttery Fonio* (a 5000-year-old grain native to Senegal)
Vegetable Jardinière in Buerre Fondu · Chocolate Cake & Watermelon

Art of Hosting 2022 Editorial Images, The Dutchess
Art of Hosting 2022 Editorial Images, The Dutchess

Gathering with friends is a form of communion. We always begin with prayer and moment of gratitude for the food, and most importantly, the people with us – that’s what’s really feeding us and makes us feel so rich inside. — Chid Liberty

Art of Hosting 2022 Editorial Images, The Dutchess