Embody® Task Chair

Designed by Jeff Weber and Bill Stumpf for Herman Miller®


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$1,495.00 - $1,825.00 $1,270.75 - $1,551.25
Item Number: 4737

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Specifically designed for people who work or game in front of computers, the Embody Chair (2008) promotes good posture and makes you feel like you’re floating, providing ergonomic support while allowing you to move. Its narrow back allows you to twist and reach while its “spine” automatically adjusts to your body’s curve. In forward or reclined positions, the lumbar support stays with you. Having the freedom to move makes your body feel better, improves your blood circulation and sends more oxygen to the brain – all of which help you focus on your work. It’s excellent for body, mind and even the environment. Backed by a 12-year manufacturer's warranty. This is the authentic Embody Chair by Herman Miller. Made in U.S.A.

  • Embody is manufactured at a 100%-green-energy facility and is 95% recyclable, 42% recycled and PVC-free.
  • Medley Charcoal includes a black back mat, and other colors include a translucent back mat.


Bill Stumpf
Bill Stumpf

U.S.A. (1936–2006)

What does jazz have to do with design? Everything, according to Bill Stumpf, who once said that he liked to collaborate with other designers the way a jazz trio improvises, playing together with no fixed destination. The approach requires complete attention, and you have to trust your instincts. Design should make room for spontaneity and discovery, said Stumpf, “blending the pleasure ...

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Jeff Weber
Jeff Weber

U.S.A. (1963)

Jeff Weber wants to bring truth and beauty to the nuts and bolts of industrial design. In his work, he strives for a genuine user benefit (“truth”) coupled with design elegance (“beauty”). This standard, against which Weber measures all his designs, has its origins in his work with renowned industrial designer Bill Stumpf. Weber credits Stumpf with the “uni-part theory,” which ...

Learn More

Product Details


H 42"–45" W 29.5" D 29.5" SEAT H 15"–22"


Die-cast aluminum frame and five-star base; four-layer seat with elastic suspension and separate plastic support coils that move independently; Medley 100% polyester or Sync 100% polyester fabric upholstery.

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Care and Assembly

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Care & Maintenance With regular care and maintenance, your Herman Miller product will provide many years of superior performance and satisfaction. To maintain quality, please follow the cleaning procedures outlined here. The instructions for the care and maintenance of Herman Miller products are provided to you as a service. No warranty is implied since results may vary. Coated Metal For normal cleaning, wash coated metal surfaces with a soft cloth soaked in detergent and warm water; rinse thoroughly and dry. Remove scuff marks from low-gloss coatings with pre-softened paste wax, following the manufacturer's instructions. Remove scuff marks and scratches from high-gloss coatings using automotive polishing compounds, either liquid or paste. After polishing, apply a pre-softened automotive paste wax to restore original sheen. For assistance in determining the appropriate color and gloss for Herman Miller touch-up paint, contact your Herman Miller Customer Service Representative. Plastic For normal cleaning, wash plastic surfaces with a soft cloth soaked in mild detergent and warm water. Rinse thoroughly and dry with a soft cloth. Do not use solvents or abrasive kitchen cleaners. Fabric For normal cleaning, vacuum upholstery fabric using an upholstery attachment. If further cleaning is needed, dry-clean or spot clean fabric with solvent cleaner. Do not brush fabric or use a vacuum attachment with a rotary brush. Brushing may permanently damage the nap or change the character of the fabric. Do not apply water or any liquid solution. Wetting the fabric with any liquid solution may result in permanent damage.

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Long hours, no fatigue.
I've been using these chairs with my employer since 2014 (2020 now). I have got to say, this is the most comfortable chair out there. We have several models from different manufacturers, but none of them come close to the comfort that this chair provides over a grueling 10-14 hour work day. If you can afford it, buy it!
March 13, 2020
The chair that saved my legs
TLDR: This chair fixed all the circulation problems I was having in my legs. My back is extremely happy as well. Worth every penny it cost to be pain free.

Long text:
I've been having bad problems in my legs for years now. Doctors couldn't figure it out, all tests looked fine. I discovered it was a circulation problem in my legs due to my old PC chair. I had spent some time away from my desk and and felt better. When I returned, all my leg problems came back. That's when I thought it could be my chair. Everyone talks about your back when it comes to chairs, but very few ever mention legs.

Sadly, I had fallen into the hype of those "gaming" chairs. These things are atrocious. It was cutting off the circulation in my legs and wasn't giving my back the support it needs. Do not get those. Please. Just don't.

This is where my chair journey began. I started off trying some cheaper $100-$300 office chairs from big box stores. They didn't work. Those chairs would have the foam flatten quickly and left my legs feeling awful. My back was alright with those, but my legs would still get messed up. This is when I started looking at the higher end chairs.

Started off with a Series One and then a Gesture from Steelcase. No good. The front where my legs rested was digging into my thighs and wrecked my circulation on both chairs. Back they went.

Had Herman Miller recommended to me. Took a quick look at the Aeron, but I can tell that front lip was going to dig into my legs. I opted to try the Mirra 2 instead. It didn't work. I found the mesh to be quite hard and ended up hurting my hips after some time. Didn't help with my legs either as it does have a hard lip around the edged to hold the mesh up. Back it went.

I'll note that Herman Miller's return policy was great. They sent me label, I slapped it on the chair box, scheduled a return pick up, dude came and picked it up. Easy.

Running out of options, I gave Herman Miller one more shot. I ponied up for the Embody as it appeared to have no hard edges to dig into my legs. The chair arrived on time and I began to unpack it and hoped for the best.

This is it. This is what I was looking for. It has no hard edges anywhere to dig into me. It flexes and moves with me instead of trying to lock me into place.

I waited for the entire 30 day return period to be up before writing this review. I'm keeping it. It's not going back. I sat in the Embody the entire time with no pain anywhere. Other chairs didn't make it past 5 days. I'm sitting in it now as I write this with no pain.

Very few out there mention leg problems when it comes to chair reviews. I wanted to write this up in case others out there might have the same problem I had. The Embody is the one that solved that issue for me. Yes, it's expensive. But if your legs are having issues like mine did, this might be what you need.

For those looking at this for back issues, the back on this is wild in a good way. It has just enough lumbar support for me and flexes with me as I move around in it. I don't feel any of the individual pixels. It just feels solid and really comfortable.

Anyway, I'll wrap this is up by saying that I highly recommend this chair if you can get past the expensive price tag. If you have any kind of pain and can't find a chair that helps, this might be what you need.
February 21, 2020
My lower back is happy again.
Also a game changer for me. Great chair for eliminating almost all the lower back pain I experience with other chairs. I wish it were less expensive though.
February 13, 2020
Great for back pain
Agreed this is a very expensive chair, however, if you have lower back pain, it is worth twice the amount! I'm in front of a computer at least 7 hours a day, and my back was getting so bad I was at my wits end. I tried everything, but as soon as I started using the Embody, my back pain diminished by 85%. (I still think my bed is responsible for some of my pain) This chair is a game changer!
January 16, 2020
Functionally Beautiful
I bought my Embody almost two years ago for work during one of the Herman Miller sales. I had been telling people in my office for months I wanted one and my manager even said I could try a cheaper chair and get the company to expense it, but I had been waiting literal years to get one of these chairs, and it was going to be mine. And let me say, it has been the best investment I’ve ever made for work, and it’s changed my life. Not in one of those immediate revelatory ways you think of when people say that, and you assume it’s just hyperbole. No, it’s been a very subtle change, like when I get off work and I don’t have a tension headache from sitting forward improperly at my desk to type because my feet didn’t reach the floor or my lower back doesn’t ache constantly from having to lean over if I wanted to use an armrest. So if you are too small for the usual office chair, this is definitely a great option. Not to mention, in the white frame with black fabric and black hardware, it looks really sleek, and I get a lot of compliments.
January 15, 2020
10 years
I bought my Embody chair more than 10 years ago and I still find it to be quite comfortable. I sit in it at work every day. After 10+ years it show some wear and tear and the armrests need repair, but overall still good. I'd recommend this chair. I'm 6'-3" and have occasional back issues; all the adjustments this chair can do are helpful.
January 9, 2020
Great Chair
This chair is simply amazing. It provides all day comfort and excellent back support. If I could change anything about this chair it would be the armrest width adjustments. They move too easily not allowing the chair the be moved by its armrests as well as moving when you put pressure on them when you use them to stand up.
December 25, 2019
Cured my back problems! 100% Recommended.
I used to be really into my desk aesthetics so I went for the coolest looking gaming chair that I could find. A bucket style seat that, now I know, was way too big for me and was actually doing some serious damage to my back.

My back always would hurt and I would just blame it on the 8-10 hours a day that I'm at my desk. I never thought the solution could be so simple.

I started extensively researching ways to alleviate my back pain so I started with purchasing new monitor stands. When that didn't work I then started looking into chairs. The Embody immediately caught my attention and after watching the few videos online about the Embody, I decided to give it a shot.

The first week I sat in the Embody I thought it was uncomfortable. I saw some reviews saying the same thing and I thought...oh no I should have listened. I gave it another week and to my surprise, it keeps getting more and more comfortable. My back was so messed up that this chair was basically restructuring my posture (which made it seem uncomfortable).

It has now been about a month and this is the single best investment that I have made in my office. I highly recommend you give it a shot and get though the uncomfortable stage. You will LOVE IT!
December 20, 2019
Herman Miller Embody
I've been a Herman Miller Aeron chair for the last 24 years. I've been retired for 10 years and spend a lot of time in my office chair, 7 days a week.The Embody back support and support under the thighs are in a whole different universe than the Aeron. I've never been happier. The comfort, build quality and premium materials combine to make this the best office chair I have ever used.
December 5, 2019
Noisy, but beautiful- armpads go bad.
I love my Embody chair, just a bit more than I love my Aeron chair. However, it is a noisy chair. when getting in our out of it, it creeks and moans as the plastic elements flex against each other. And my left armpad looks horrible now with bad wrinkles atop it. Otherwise, it's a great chair.
I feel like I'm sitting in a modern office when I sit in my Aeron. I feel like I'm sitting in the future when I sit in my Embody chair.
November 28, 2019

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