Stahl House

In 1954, Buck and Carlotta Stahl purchased a piece of land that would become the site of one of the most widely known modern homes in the world. The first two architects they tried to hire refused to build on such a precarious spot, but their luck changed when they met Pierre Koenig. The young architect had just passed his California State Board architecture exams and was ready to embrace the challenge.


Located on what the architect called “an eagle’s nest site in the Hollywood hills,” the 2,200-square-foot house was completed in 1960. Constructed of glass and steel, it is a house entirely focused on a fabulous view and being connected to the outside world. This exterior world is accessible from every room – even the kids’ room – and stepping between indoors and out is as effortless as walking from room to room. “You see the view and you’re living with the environment, the outside,” said Koenig.


Before Koenig accepted the job, he wisely proposed the project to John Entenza and Arts & Architecture magazine’s program for experimental houses (1945–66), which is how the Stahl House became Case Study House No. 22. The purpose of the program was to promote affordable architecture for the post-war years. Clients enjoyed access to top architects and significant savings on materials. In return, they agreed to open their homes to the public once complete. Fifty-six years later, the Stahl family continues to honor that promise.

“This is my most personal project, a long-term dream come true,” says Jon Gasca about the launch of his Costura Sofa Collection. The result of five years of fervent planning, designing, redesigning and never once sharing with us what he was working on (no hard feelings), Costura is a very special launch for family-run Spanish company Stua, as well as for DWR.

The Furniture at the Stahl House

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    Designed by Naoto Fukasawa for Serralunga

    $395.00 - $395.00 $355.50 - $395.00
  • The Winter Sale

    Designed by Arne Jacobsen for Fritz Hansen

    $7,875.00 - $18,548.00 $5,906.25 - $18,548.00
  • The Winter Sale

    Designed by Laurent Serin and Javier Gutierrez Carcache

    $95.00 $80.75
  • Designed by Richard Schultz for Knoll®

  • Designed by Charles and Ray Eames for Herman Miller®

    $575.00 - $625.00
  • Designed by Eero Saarinen for Knoll®

    $2,135.00 - $8,447.00
  • Designed by Jon Gasca for Stua

    $3,495.00 - $6,995.00
  • Discovered by Charles and Ray Eames, produced by Vitra

    $250.00 - $340.00
  • Designed by Naoto Fukasawa for Serralunga

  • Designed by Naoto Fukasawa for Serralunga

  • Designed by Enrique Delamo and Angel Martí for Treku

  • Designed by George Nelson for Herman Miller®

    $2,395.00 - $4,895.00
  • Designed by Greta Grossman, produced by Gubi

  • Photographed by Bonnie Edelman

    $11,000.00 - $15,000.00
  • Designed by Carmine Deganello, Pablo Pardo and Pablo Studio for Pablo Designs

  • Designed by Richard Schultz for Knoll®