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Modern lounge chairs and armchairs

After the sofa, the lounge chair is the next most important piece of modern furniture in most living rooms, and together they form the core of living room design and function. A typical configuration might place a sofa across from a fireplace or other focal point of a room and then a mid century modern lounge chair to the left and a modern armchair to the right. Place a coffee table in the center of the grouping and a well-chosen rug under that, and you have the makings of a great spot for entertaining. If a sofa is thought of as a good place for an afternoon nap, the living room lounge chair is the place to curl up with a book or crossword puzzle or take in a movie.

Choosing a lounge chair

Considerations for choosing a lounge chair include size, comfort, and style, all factored together. A comfortable lounge chair should always be the key goal, but lounge chair dimensions also come into play in determining how it will fit into a space. There’s no lounge chair standard size, but it’s almost always designed for a single sitter. A lounge chair with a wood frame, in the classic Danish style, for instance, will have a more compact form and work well in tighter spaces. If space is less of a consideration, a bigger piece with a larger footprint can be selected as much for a comfortable lounge chair as for the space it occupies and its relationship to a large room.

Lounge chair materials and types

Upholstery materials and the function of a lounge chair are important considerations. A modern leather lounge chair is a dream on many wish lists. High-quality leather is durable, makes a special kind of impression, and becomes more interesting over time. A fabric lounge chair offers a warm texture, and many modern fabrics come with superior durability. Of course, leather or fabric can be applied to nearly any chair, like a modern swivel lounge chair or a modern chaise lounge chair. In many minds, a recliner lounge chair is the ultimate way to relax. Modern ottomans provide a finishing touch and add that extra bit of comfort – a place to put your feet up after a long day. They also can add an informal extra seat when you have a roomful of guests. Whether a recliner lounge chair, a modern chaise lounge chair, or a modern leather lounge chair, Design Within Reach offers a wide assortment of comfort.

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